Education: More than 2000 hours of study time some was classroom most was home study courses.

The majority of my education, was specific courses or seminars on subjects that were needed for the job I was doing, or the job I was attempting to attain. Over the 33 years that I have been in this high tech field, there has been 3 or four courses per year, and much reading to keep up with the new technologies, that were always on the horizon. When I started in 1968, transistors were new technology. The test equipment that I was working on were vacuum tube type instrumentation. This is the technology that was learned in the 2 year technical program that started me in the field. After I began in the field, I learned semiconductor theory and the varied junction technologies. The first ten years, were in the field of metrology. The training that I did during this time came from suppliers of test and measurement equipment. Tektronix / HP / Fluke / I learned about oscilloscopes, digital sampling, and spectrum analyzers from Tektronix. I learned about digital meters and counters and recycling remainder from Fluke. HP was and still is a mixture of many technologies. During this time I also learned the IC technologies. and took courses in digital electronics from Heathkit up to and including advanced microprocessor theory and interfacing. I learned to use the Z80/8080 and the mot 6800/6809 later I expanded this to the 68000 series. In the early 80's personal computers were made available to the general public from a few companies. I got the TI/99 (Texas Instruments) as that was a name that I knew. I learned to program in basic. In 1985 I got an IBM compatible computer an XT with a 30meg hd It was a Kaypro. From this point on most of my courses were on computer. I will just give a list of items. I still have all of the books and media from these learning experiences.

(DOS) / word processor (wordstar) / gw basic/c compilers (Power C from Mix command line) / (Turbo C Borland pro IDE) basic compilers and interpreters (Turbo basic Borland prof IDE) (GW basic MS all types) (Quick Basic compiler ) Prolog compiler (Turbo Prolog Borland pro IDE) (DOS 2.11 to DOS 5.0)

More up to date systems and software and courses. Visual Prolog PDC 5.0/5.2 pro IDE / Visual Basic 5.0 standard IDE and learn Visual basic now /Visual C++ 5.0 standard IDE / (DOS 6.0 and 7.0 as issued by W2K)

Java 2 ver 1.3 (Sun Forte IDE), (Borland builder 4.0 IDE) (VisualCafe 4.5 Expert) also use the Sun jdk command line compiler. My preference is VisualCafe. I am Still learning Java. However I think that this is a never ending learning experience. My experience with other languages has made it possible for me to be productive with Java from the start. I know what must be done and know how to find the tools that I need to do it. Only the speed improves as the time needed to look up the information is reduced by my own memory and by the development of my own classes.

Other related courses: (I-NET+ toward CompTIA cert) (Java training interactive) (UNIX) (Labview 5.0 interactive) (HTML) (A+ certification) (Windows NT workstation) (Win98) (Win2000) (Web Server Training - WOW cyber class) (The Complete TCP/IP training course cyber class)

Also related studies in Physics / math / English / Physical fitness (certified Aerobic Instructor) / Music can play most any wood wind, Guitar, and keyboard (piano) MIDI synth have learned (Cakewalk pro) and (Voyetra Digital orchestrator pro ) MIDI sequencers with (Casio HT3000) , (Casio WK 1350) and (Casio WK 1800) MIDI keyboards.

Video processing and photography I also own a digital camcorder and am familiar with digital video processing capture and editing or both audio and video to generate (Mpeg 1 and 2) (AVI) (WAV and MID) files. Capture of video from svideo, firewire, or composite video sources.

I am presently involved in AI research on a project (Communication Learning Machine) on going sense 1987. I designed my own natural language development system using Prolog. I moved this into Visual Prolog 5.0 in 1999. Within that Development system I am still working on the Communication Learning machine (Clem) I have learned more from this project than I have from all of the collective experiences of my employment career. This project started with the writing of a thesis that outlines the logic that is the basis of the research. This thesis was registered for copyright as "Unit Unity Community" with the LOC in 1987. A copy of this can be attained by emailing

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