20+ Years in electronic hardware and software. Specializing in metrology.

Test and measurement systems and equipment. Including specialized environmental conditions.

Design, layout, build, test, debug, and calibration of prototype test equipment.

Documentation of above including calibration procedures. Test and verification of specifications.

Now using NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS LABVIEW for the creation of VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS specializing in the acquiring of data for use in automation.

The image below is a collection of clips of items that I have used as part of my work.

{Clips of things I have used}

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What I want. I want a permanent, full time, position with a company that cares enough about me as an employee to provide quality health insurance, and a standard benefit package. I want to work for an employer that will HONESTLY compensate me for what I do to increase the value of the company that I work for.

What I can and will give. I have 20+ years experience in this field of high tech. During that time there has been very few employers that even scratch the surface of my capabilities. Those employers that have trusted me, have been pleasantly rewarded. I have talent and capability that I can DEMONSTRATE. What I will give to a company as described in the paragraph "What I want", is any and all of my capabilities, Including the benefit of my 14 years of research in AI. If you compensate me honestly. I give 100%.

You will see what appears to be gaps in my employment history. They are not real gaps. I do not waist time. They are filled with (Research) (taking computer classes) (self employment) Commercial fishing, Appliance Sales and service, Software and hardware consulting.

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A self educated person must learn, how to learn without a school or a teacher. But when you do, EVERYDAY is a school day.


The true nerd is one that is smart enough to know that the condition of ones body is just as important as the knowledge in ones head. After all your head is not worth much if it is attached to a body that is not going to last.

Health and physical condition

To any company that is interested in hiring me to complete the research that I have been involved in, I am open to that possibility, and will demonstrate what I have, what I can do.

The pages that describe my research.